Enterprise Solutions

Are you searching for software packages tailor-made to your needs?

Here we are providing you with enterprise-wide software solutions, customized exclusively for your business needs.

Sharpedge offers a range of personalized software packages integrating the business processes efficiently, thereby providing simplified solutions for the business. We mostly deal in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Brand Consulting and Corporate Identity Development to name a few.

The Enterprise solutions give the opportunity to widen the business network, opening up new avenues for business. It requires a whole gamut of operational attention, simplifying the complexities of business.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is the new business vertical defining the organization’s success. It is a continuous approach to manage better client relationships, a persistent endeavor to improve upon client feedback and new business opportunities through up-selling and cross-selling for the basis for organizational improvement and sustained business delivery.

The use of pull strategy in product management to gain critical customer insights through customer feedback forms, customer feedback surveys, product forums and social media pages bring in the vital business solutions for the developing customer needs.

The ERP Softwares such as SAP, Oracle and few SAS applications provide the managerial and strategic backbone for the operational aspects of the business.

The increased use of WhatsApp and other messaging tools have evolved towards a better order management. Additionally, use of push messaging in increasing the brand loyalty and brand voice through mediums like dedicated SMS Servers, and bulk mail serves the purpose of employing email lists, providing a better spread and geographical targeting for the business services.

The use of Enterprise Solutions adds to the costing of the organization, but it also benefits in decreasing the man-power requirements as well. This further evolves the scenario with segregation of dedicated business managers and project managers to focus on the strategic aspects of business and manage the operational time-lines.

The basics features of these enterprise solutions are easy to learn for most of these involve operational planning and database management that are commonly evolved from Microsoft softwares like MS Access and MS Excel. The modelling and charting using share-point further upbrings the planning and development functions on the operational activities for a project.

The different modules on SAP focus on each individual management function; FICO–Financial and accounting module; MM–Marketing module, Supply chain and Inventory control to plan and coordinate logistics operations, bringing efficacy and efficiency for managing data in business.

The resurgent manpower provides the necessary human element for these enterprise solutions. The ability to concurrently record, administer and manage the business data from different operational locations makes it convenient for higher management and corporate officials to highlight and plan for the infrastructure planning for newer business locations. The trend has also given way to evolve the key business parameters that resonate the changing market dynamics and help managers foresee and plan for the VOC and VOB in a market segment or for a prime business location.

The enhanced focus on adoption of technology to business analytics and business Intelligence domains are the newer paradigms, to astutely follow business success.

The competition has been enforced to sync with the changing rhythm of business on adoptions of enterprise business solutions. This is also leading to prominence of newer IT firm in competitive scope to evolve newer solutions and software packages dedicated to specific business requirement.

There are ample opportunities for the work-force to build and leverage on the opportunities provided in emerging business enterprise solutions.

Grab this chance to get perplexed with our personalized enterprise solutions.

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